Plumbing is generally best not to DIY. While we’ve discussed a few home unblocking solutions before, it’s generally best to leave this one to the experts…

If you’re certain you’re dealing with a run-of-the-mill hair block in your bathroom, however, this simple solution may just do the trick.

Shower drains, in particular, are prone to hair clogs, and these can be pretty simply remedied by fishing out the errant tangle

  • Grab yourself a packet of extra-long cable ties, and loop a few together in a short chain.
  • Now cut some notches in the sides of the cable ties.
  • You don’t want to make them frail – the last thing you need is a piece braking off to block the drain some more – but enough to snag the hairball.
  • Carefully feed this into the drain to fish out the blockage.

Keen to avoid this in the future? Make yourself a hair-catcher

Simply grab a short length of chain and a hook (replacement plug chains are great for this, but will need shortening to about 5-10 cm in length).

Now thread the open end onto a shaped piece of rigid plastic. As with the cable ties, we want plenty of indents to catch hairs, so think something like a ninja throwing star shape.

We’re going to slip this into the shower drain, hooking the chain so we can pull it up easily, so hairs are caught before they sink into the pipes.

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