It’s a small thing, but a squeaky hinge can soon drive you mad. It’s also a key sign that your home needs some maintenance…

Fortunately, the solution is likely already sitting in your kitchen cupboards, no fuss required.

All you need do is grab your trusty can of cooking spray

The oil will be sufficient to lubricate the squeak from the door, without creating unsightly drip marks or allowing dirt to cling, creating that ‘gummy’ gunk we know all too well.

While sometimes a squeak can be caused by fractional settling, misalignment or a lack of lubricant, it’s important to check it’s not the start of rust forming.

Particularly in coastal areas, the vulnerable metal of the door hinge, already worn away every time we open and close the door, can quickly attract rust from moisture in the air. If you notice rust forming on your hinges, it’s time for some DIY love.

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