A note on colour

Here’s something artists learn when painting landscapes – yellow is a colour that stands out while blue tones recede.

Apply this concept to gardening and make the space look larger by adding plants with blue-green foliage and blue and purple flowers.

On the other hand, use yellow flowers and plants with yellow-green foliage to create a shallower depth of field in a spot you want to make appear smaller and cosier.

Down the garden path

Allow leading lines, like garden paths, to draw the eye through the garden.

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Paths also help join up different sections of the garden and create a sense of journey, which is delightfully unexpected in a small space. Make it all the more magical with lush planting schemes and scented plants along the route.

The image above from @small_magical_garden_spaces is a fantastic example of how you could use a garden path and the clever planting of blue and purple flowering plants to help make a small garden appear bigger.

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Make a mini-vacation spot

Gardening isn’t all work and no play. You need someone to sit back and admire it all.

Make that garden path lead to a destination – your own mini-vacation spot. It could be as simple as a garden bench, a hammock, or an outdoor lounge and dining area.

If have a small home, this ‘outdoor room’ could be a welcome extension of your abode. To make the most of it, consider adding adequate shade, comfortable seating and lighting for summer evenings outdoors.

The outdoor lounge below by @home.sweeter.home is a great example of a functional and eye-catching entertainment area that could be created in a small garden.