Last updated on Jan 27th, 2021 at 11:43 pm

The timeline is talking about Mampinstha once again and now it’s because of the music mogul’s dramatic weight loss

Mampintsha’s name has been in the headlines all year and when we saw his name trending on Twitter this Thursday we thought it might have something to do with his on-off partner, Babes Wodumo.

A quick scan through the tweets revealed that this time around, the conversation was about the singer’s body, and let’s just say the tone wasn’t at all flattering.

A video of Mampintsha dancing was shared on social media and it was immediately apparent that the West Ink superstar had lost a considerable amount of weight. The star’s clothing seemed baggier than usual; his T-shirt was hanging off his shoulders, and he looked like he was trying to hold his pants up by keeping his hands in his pockets.

Check it out below:

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In many other countries, if you lose a lot of weight in a short time, people tend to think you are on a dramatic crash diet

On Black South African Twitter, however, people are more likely to suggest that you’ve contracted HIV – just ask local rapper K.O. who had to dispel similar rumours when he lost a lot of weight back in 2015.

So it came as no surprise when people started speculating that the reason why Mampintsha was looking particularly gaunt might have something to do with his status. The jokes and comments were unsavoury to say the least:

As the bullying dominated the timeline, many other social media users were quick to slam the distasteful comments by pointing out that joking about Mampintsha’s weight loss was just another example of the stigma that HIV positive people have to endure in South Africa.

Mampintsha has yet to respond to the speculation around his health and his HIV status but we are certain that he will call for his privacy to be respected.

Do you think that tweeps have gone too far with their speculation about Mampintsha’s weight loss?