You don’t need to be a supple supermodel – no matter what your size or fitness level, yoga is a workout for anyone

If you think that you need to be skinny and naturally able to bend your body like a pretzel to do yoga, think again.

The founder of Hotpod Yoga, Nick Higgins, believes that yoga is for everyone – no matter what your age, size or fitness level.

Ease back into exercise with yoga

If you’re unfit or carrying more weight than you’d like, yoga could be the perfect workout to ease you back into regular exercise.

“The combination of stretches and strengthening positions allows the body to move in a safe steady way, helping to ease into tight areas whilst also building strength and stability. It’s focused movement, and safe (if taught correctly) as it’s bringing the awareness to how to use the body and work with what we have, to achieve particular goals whatever they might be,” says Higgins.

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A Zen state of mind

Yoga is calming, and helps you deal better with stress.

“The combination of steady controlled breathing [and bodily awareness] helps keep the mind focused on what we are doing/how we are feeling to help build mental resilience and ease whilst practising.”

It takes you (the movement and breathing) from an energetic state to a relaxed state numerous times throughout the class, allowing you to almost ‘floss’ the nervous systems helping you to feel calm yet energised.”

Give it a try

Higgins admits that, as with anything unknown, you can feel tentative about taking on a new challenge. However, he says, “It’s a case of giving it a go several times to allow habits to form to take it to the next stages and become more skilled in it.”

Looking to improve your relationship? Try yoga

Here are two moves you could try today:

Warrior 2

  • Stand with feet wide apart
  • Turn the left heel back and away, turn the right toes out to the right
  • Open the arms wide and look over the right shoulder
  • Keep the shoulders drawn down, and feel a lengthening in the neck area
  • Bend the right knee to about 90 degrees (no lower), while keeping the left leg straight
  • Push the feet strongly into the floor and away from each other to keep the legs firm and active
  • Relax the hips, and feel them opening up
  • Repeat on the other side


 Tree pose

  • Stand tall, feet together
  • Shift your weight to the right leg, bend the left knee, draw up the left foot and press the left sole against your right thigh (or right calf, if that is more doable)
  • Keep the eyes focused on one thing ahead of you, to maintain your stability
  • Soften the shoulders a little, and bring the hands softly together at your breastbone
  • Tilt the hips to activate your core a little more
  • Hold the focus and breath steadily
  • Repeat on the other side

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