If you have to squeeze two kids into one bedroom, here are some shared kids’ room ideas to help you make it work…

Beds are the first consideration when planning a shared kids’ room.

While bunk beds are a popular, space-saving choice, there’s always the risk of the kids playing on the top bunk and falling off.

An alternative could be wall-beds (also known as Murphy beds) that fold up into what looks like a cupboard on the wall. It’s one of the best ways to free up floor space, but it can be pricey.

If bunk beds and wall beds are out of the question, you can still fit twin beds in and use the following décor and space-saving tricks to make sure that each child loves their shared space…

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Create harmony with symmetry

When one side of the room echoes the other, there is a harmonious symmetry that reads as pleasing to the eye.

You can achieve this by placing the beds on either side of the room and, even if they don’t match identically, use bedding colours and textures to coordinate the beds.

Here’s a lovely example from @cameronjonesinteriors: 

Use overlooked spaces

Consider ways to use the vertical wall space, under the bed floor and corners of the room.

If there’s no space for a bookcase, install book ledges on a wall near each bed so the kids have their books within reach. You can find book ledges in various sizes via Simply Child. 

Image via Simply Child

Use hanging shoe organisers creatively for storing toys and craft suppliers behind the bedroom door or inside a cupboard.

Create a space for art-making and homework by installing a fold-up desk and add under bed storage to utilise the hidden floor space for toys, shoes or clothing.

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