Thanks to this planting technique, you can grow a mini forest in your backyard in less than two years…

Although awareness has grown, it seems that we have not done enough to reduce greenhouse gases.

A new study, which involved over 11 000 scientists in 153 countries, has labelled climate change a ‘climate emergency‘.

While the study calls for governmental policy changes, what can ordinary people do to make a real difference?

This is what one family asked when trying to think of practical ways to fight climate change.

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A mini forest in less than 100 square metres

Since trees help clean the air and reduce air pollution, they decided to grow a forest in their backyard of 81 square metres. However, unlike forests that take years to grow, they used a planting technique known as the Miyawaki Model of Afforestation to ensure rapid growth.

The Miyawaki Model of Afforestation was developed by Dr Akira Miyawaki, a professor at Yokohama National University, who has planted millions of trees around the world in a mission to create natural forests in a short span of time.

Reduce stress by planting a tree

Watch this

To see how they did it, watch the video below…

And to see what the forest looked like a mere 16 months later, watch the video below…