#Ownyourthrone with Boity’s secret of always-on confidence

She’s smashing through boundaries, building her own amazing brand and making some serious business moves. There is no doubting Boity Thulo’s confidence, but the actress, musician and TV personality says it wasn’t until she decided to do life her own way, that her confidence soared.

There’s room for everyone to win

There is a lot of competition in the entertainment industry. Whether artists are competing for roles or public attention, things can get very ugly. Boity says competition, even in the entertainment industry, is unnecessary.

“Women in the industry are made to see each other as competition and made to believe that Queens cannot co-exist, that one needs to walk over the other in order to make it… all in the interest of selling tabloids and for the entertainment of men,” she says.

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It’s OK to change

Having entered the entertainment industry at a very young age, Boity has grown into the woman she is in the public eye.

“It was a very difficult transitioning period for the South African media to move from selling the idea of the sweet, innocent and naive young woman, to getting to a point of understanding and accepting that I am a multi-faceted woman who has her own opinions and views of the world, that I am talented and rightfully deserving to be where I am,” she explains.

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Stay in your lane

There are many negative connotations associated with the phrase ‘stay in your lane’, but Boity puts a positive spin on the philosophy and makes it her own.

Boity’s hashtag #Ownyourthrone is not only a motto that propelled her on her unique journey to knowing and understanding herself, but is also a call to other women to unapologetically own their throne too, without feeling the need to deprive other women of theirs.

Boity says that “#OwnYourThrone is a journey and movement that speaks to not only the journey I took of realising my own voice, my own platform and my own power in certain spaces, but understanding that there are multiple other seats at the table that are occupied by individuals who are rightfully deserving and are Queens, Leaders, and Kings in the spaces and platforms they hold power and influence in.”

“Understanding that me owning my throne does not undermine, diminish nor demean the power of those occupying the other seats or thrones at the table, but acknowledges my value and worthiness to rightfully own it and be an empowering voice for those seated and those working hard to create their own tables or those working hard to have a seat at the one I am at,” she adds.


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Be your sister’s keeper

For Boity it is not enough to succeed; she is also known for lending a hand when asked and has responded charitably to fans who ask her for help.

Boity says that being raised by a family of strong women who built each other up means she knows from experience that women can get further together than when working against one another.

“It is through seeing how supportive the women in my family are to one another, having seen the other end of the spectrum where women have been put against each other all in the name of selling news, that I am a firm believer in there being the space and need for sisterhood in the entertainment industry,” Boity affirms.

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Take good care of yourself

We can all agree that happiness and confidence is an inside job, but being confident and happy with the way you look and smell is important too.

Not only is she a healthy-living ambassador and well-known fitness fanatic, but recently Boity also teamed up with Impulse to help young women grow in their confidence.

She shares why the partnership is so close to her heart: “What Impulse is doing for girls and young women is offering them the opportunity to have a fragrance that allows them to stay fresh and smelling all proper – something I believe is important in building a young woman’s confidence, and allowing her to be her best self. It is the role of us women to affirm and embrace that confidence, and I am proud to be spreading this message through this campaign.”