Sorbet salons have become an institution in South Africa, and there’s a Sorbet Salon wherever you live

I love them for their convenience, friendly and efficient service, and wide range of products and treatments for body, hair and face. They are the go-to salon for anything you need – from a massage, to a blow dry, lash extensions, and Gelish nails at a Sorbet Salon, Dry Bar; Candi&Co (for ethnic hair), or Sorbet Man, near you.

So I was really excited to try the newest range of skincare on their shelves: 365 Skin Workout – a premium anti-ageing product that does the work of many high end beauty brands… without the exorbitant price tag.

Skin workout – why the name?

Skin fitness: It’s a thing (apparently) and fit skin is the new park run – without the sweat towel or running shoes. It’s the new way to treat, train and build your skin back to life.

Described by the company as the new way to treat, train and build your skin back to life, this new, multi-functional skincare range is setting a comparative record for skin repair – just eight weeks.

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According to Petru Van Zyl, founder and CEO of 365 Skin Workout, in order to build muscle and fitness in our bodies, consistent training is key. In just the same way, 365 collaborates with your skin to include the inside training and strength building it needs every day, all year, in order to shape its barrier function to its personal best and maintain it.

Paraben-free and not tested on animals

All 365 Skin Workout products are paraben, lanolin, mineral oil and perfume free. They are not tested on animals and the packaging is contamination free too.

Sorbet salons can recommend products from the 365 range for your skin type and condition

At my age, my skin tends to look dull if I don’t look after it, and fine lines caused by dehydration play a part in less than glowing skin.

These are the products from the range that I’m using: 6 skin treatments that make up a complete skincare routine suited to to my skin and my lifestyle:

Multicleanse: Removes makeup, deep cleanses and gently exfoliates at the same time.

This soap-free cleanser is great for drier skins as it’s mild enough not to strip the natural oils from your skin – in other words ideal for 40+ skin like mine. If you have sensitive skin, you’ll love it too: no burning or tingling no matter how long you leave it on your skin.

RRP: R275 for 75ml

Active eye cream

Helps rejuvenate and strengthen the fragile skin around the eyes. So light that you can dot it on the eye area and gently blend it in instantly.

RRP: R610 for 20ml

Rejuvenating active: A gentle exfoliating lotion for when you need an instant boost of radiance for tired, dull skin. It’s light on your skin, but because it contains glycolic, mandelic, lactobionic and salicylic acids, it’s powerful to work deep down and penetrate your skin.

RRP: R895 for 30ml

Skin Hydrating Serum
Serums are the holy grail of anti-ageing solutions for dehydrated skin, and gel serums are my favourite. This one delivers what really good serums promise: a skin re-plumping and the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

RRP: R775 for 30ml

Instant Hydrating Mask

We all know that we should be supplementing our skincare routines with a weekly mask, but so many of them require 20 minutes and who has the time? This one got me excited: it worked its magic in three minutes flat – the same time as it took to boil the kettle. Three minutes to replenish the moisture lost from too much coffee, wine and aircon during the week – what a winner!

RRP: R595 for 30ml

Defence SPF 30+

This SPF 30 sunscreen offers anti-ageing shield sun protection that’s strong enough for the harsh South African elements, but light enough to wear under your make-up. This silky, non-sticky lotion is rich in antioxidants and blends into your skin easily so that you can wear it under any make-up: primer, BB cream, foundation, powder – or all of these.

RRP: R585 for 50ml

365 products are available at all Sorbet salons nationwide

Disclosure: All4Women was sent the products featured in this article. We write about products we are sent at our discretion.