Avoiding shortcuts can help you to lose weight much quicker than you had planned to.

Forget about taking shortcuts when exercising. Stick to your plan and you could reach those weight loss goals much faster.

When engaging in a workout, avoid finding shorter ways in which you can achieve your exercise goals. You could set yourself back, become demotivated and it may take you even longer to meet your weight loss targets.

For example, if you are going for a run during your scheduled 30 minute workout time, follow the route that allows you to get in as much physical movement as possible within this time. Taking a shortcut in order to reach your destination may rob you of burning more calories.

If you do decide to take a shortcut, use the remainder of the time engaging in other activities that get you moving and burning calories. For example, if you reduced your running time by five minutes, perform some squats and lunges in that remaining time.

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Remember that weight loss takes time, dedication and patience. Everybody may experience setbacks from time to time. It does not mean that you must give up! Stay with your program, pick yourself up and keep going!

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