Last updated on Jan 27th, 2021 at 11:23 pm

TV and radio personality Hulisani Ravele is gatvol of men overstepping their boundaries and their constant lack of respect for women

As women’s rights and gender-based violence continues to be a contentious issue in SA, Hulisani spoke out about the disrespect she felt over the request.

Taking to Twitter on Monday, the radio personality shared a screenshot of the message that she sent the contractor in question after the debacle.

“Just another day for a woman in SA. This happened on Friday, I thought about it so much since then, questioning if I did something wrong, when, how… I’d worked with him before on something for my place, so the trust was there. When the kiss request came I was… Ja neh.”

Hulisani reflected on how an ex of hers was never comfortable with other men coming over to her place for whatever reason.

She went on to encourage women to speak out despite it not being easy.

“Ladies, I know speaking up for yourself is never easy and the circumstances don’t always lend themselves to you being able to. But where you can, do. Not just for yourself but for the next sister who won’t be able to speak up or stand up or fight off an entitled pig like this,” she added.