If you’re battling to make the scale budge, here are some effective weight-loss tips from an expert…

We know that both diet and exercise helps you lose weight but which is more important?

Dr Ritika Samaddar, the chief dietitian from Max Healthcare, answers this question and shares her top tips for effective weight loss:

1. Have regular exercise

Exercise is important, but it’s not an effective weight-loss strategy on it’s own.

“You need to understand that the diet forms 80 percent of your weight loss regime and exercise forms 20 percent,” says Dr Samaddar.

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2. Quality of calories count

Most dieters focus on cutting down on calories, but Dr Samaddar says that more important than cutting down is ensuring that you are eating good quality calories.

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3. Make sure that you are eating enough protein

According to Dr Samaddar protein aids weight loss in a number of ways. For one thing, it helps make you feel satisfied and full.

4. Eat healthy fats

Swap unhealthy refined oils and fats for healthier forms of fat, like almonds, which make a great snack.

5. Increase fibre

Fibre helps you feel full for longer, and when you are getting fibre from fruits and vegetables, you are also getting micronutrients that your body needs and craves.

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