Last updated on Jun 10th, 2021 at 05:04 pm

Let’s give this wedding thing a whirl by bearing these five tips in mind…

Ever since you were a little girl, you’ve dreamt about walking down the aisle. Now, in just a matter of days, everything will be different. You have all the right to panic about your big day, and you might go over-the-top with your preparations, too.

The décor for your wedding is already underway, and everyone who really matters to you has sent you their RSVPs. Your diamond engagement ring is glowing to match the colour of your cheeks, and you can’t wait to share the biggest, grandest day of your life with your fiancé.

While everything seems glorious, there are still a few minor concerns for your wedding day. Here are five tips to bear in mind for your upcoming nuptials:

1. Don’t get too lost in the moment

Self-care doesn’t mean that you apply a clay mask every day for eight months – it’s so much more than that. We know that you’re stressed out, and you might even experience a couple of breakouts here and there before you face your ultimate fear on your wedding day.

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Your wedding’s taken care of, so the least you can do is take care of yourself. We agree that weddings are overwhelming in the moment, but here’s the deal: In order to fully enjoy your day, you must be fully aware of what’s happening around you.

Take a deep breath and walk down the aisle. You look amazing, and your fiancé couldn’t be happier – you can already see him wiping away a few tears. You grip your father’s hand as you walk towards your forever love in your four-inch heels and feel that annoying veil over your face. The priest begins to announce your nuptials, and you can’t help but get lost in the moment.

Savour the moment and keep your cool as you glance at your fiancé. Then, gaze around the church that’s full of friends and family who support your love.

2. Go easy on the booze

Champagne and red wine are in order – seems like a classic Red Wedding, don’t you think?

Try not to drink too much and knock over the decorations – not to mention, your guests – at the wedding, though. You might speak gibberish, or worse yet, talk about your exes and former partners in your state of intoxication.

If you end up so intoxicated that you find yourself nursing a hangover the next day, you might forget about all your lovely wedding moments. Now, we don’t want that, do we? Therefore, it’s important to watch your alcohol intake on this special day.

Self-care doesn’t mean that you apply a clay mask every day for eight months – it’s so much more than that.

3. Where are your bridesmaids?

Track down your bridesmaids while you prepare to greet everyone at the reception. Saying “hello” to everyone might seem pretty arduous, but if you have someone close to you to accompany you, they can help hand out party favours and talk with the guests while you simply hug, accept a few compliments, smile, and look your best.

4. The toast

Don’t forget the second most important part of the day: the toast to your husband. In order to honour your spouse, make sure that you prepare a speech for him beforehand and present it to him in front of the entire crowd

After all, it’s the most important toast of the day!

5. Keep a survival kit with you

Mishaps can happen, even on your special day. Therefore, keep a bridal kit with you and your bridesmaids at all times so you can mend any dire injury or wardrobe malfunction.

For starters, your bridal survival kit should contain eye make-up remover pads to prevent mascara dripping. Keep an array of tissues, wet wipes, and other make-up essentials handy so that you are  prepared for teary moments (and freshening up afterward).

In addition to all the make-up essentials, keep a small sewing kit nearby in case anyone in the bridal party encounters any last-minute dress glitches. Keep a few feminine products on hand in case you (or one of the bridesmaids) suddenly starts menstruating.

Lastly, don’t forget to keep some over-the-counter medications around for headaches and other minor medical needs; like nausea or anxiety. Keep a few bandages and some antiseptic on hand in case of paper cuts or any mild injuries.

We want you to enjoy your big day, and you’d definitely want to savour it without any repercussions, so let’s give this wedding thing a whirl by bearing these five tips in mind.