The thought of grey hair is enough to give most of us, well, grey hairs, so equip yourself with the knowledge you need and find out all you need to know about grey hair…

If there’s one question most of us could have answered about our hair it would probably be this one: “Am I going to go grey, and if so, when?”.

In fact, the older we get the more most of us secretly and subtle examine the hairs on our head for that often-inevitable grey guy that signals the fact that our youth is officially over.

Whether you’re on good terms with the idea of going grey or not, or perhaps you’re already embracing that gorgeous silver mane, there’s no doubt we all have a few questions about the process.

Well, the good news is that we’ve got the answers to all your grey hair questions…

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Is there any way of knowing if I’m going to go grey?

While it’s not 100%, the easiest thing to do would be to look at your parents and their parents and their greying tendencies to find out. When you’re going to go grey, the shade of grey and how much grey hair you’ll have is genetic, so if you want to prepare yourself and get some answers, a bit of a look at your family tree should reveal some secrets.

What causes hair to go grey?

The short answer is that your hair basically bleaches itself. The long answer is that all hair is essentially grey, but is pigmented by melanin – the same thing that determines your skin tone.

As we get older, our bodies produce more hydrogen peroxide which builds up in the follicle, eventually blocking the melanin production, preventing out hair from being pigmented.

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Is there anything else that causes greying hair?

Studies have shown that things like stress, smoking and a deficiency in certain vitamins and minerals – like vitamin B12 – can cause the process to speed up, purely because your body and the production of melanin would be compromised. A healthy diet and lifestyle should help combat this.

If I pluck out a grey hair, will three grow in its place?

No, that’s just an old wives’ tale – and clearly a good one since so many people believe it! Each hair follicle can only produce one hair, making it impossible for more than one to grow back should you pluck out. In addition to this, plucking one out won’t cause more to sprout out elsewhere.

However, we don’t recommend you get too tweezer-happy with those grey hairs; balding is a real issue, too!

Is there anything I can do to stop my hair from turning grey?

Nope! If it’s in your genes, it’s going to happen, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t dye your hair should you not want to show the grey. Just keep in mind that it is actually possible for some grey hair to resist dyes, so you may have to experiment a bit to find a hue your hair will take.