Twitter has been trending with images of a mysterious “headless man” who has been scaring citizens around the country

Dressed in a tux, he’s been spotted riding around on a motorcycle, visiting offices and retail centres.

A video was shared of the “headless man” being stopped by a traffic officer, who quickly ran off when confronted by the apparition.

He was even seen filling up with petrol, and knocking on doors of suburban homes…


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The rumours all began on Sunday when Dr Malinga tweeted CCTV footage showing the “headless man” walking down a corridor in what looks like an office building.



Observant Twitter followers noticed that the “headless man” always seemed to be carrying a cardboard box – one that was too flat to fit a head. So what could be inside?


On Thursday afternoon, the culprit behind the elaborate Halloween ruse was revealed as none other than Debonairs Pizza.

Well done Debonairs on winning Halloween! We take our hats and heads off to you.

Take a look at some of the Twitter chatter below: