Staying in is an on-trend hobby. Here’s how you can turn staying home into the good life

Staying home

You work exceptionally hard to be able to afford the home you live in, so why are you going out all the time? Staying home is the new ‘in’ and we’re here for it!

Finding new ways to enjoy your home, relax and refuel for a busy week ahead is everyone’s new favourite hobby. Staying in, now also known as ‘cocooning’ ramps up the simple act of staying home. Instead, staying home has become a luxury experience, thanks, in part, to the online world.

Stash your cash

The first big benefit that comes with staying home will show up in your wallet, faster than you think. Rather than spending your hard-earned money on expensive dinners or other forms of entertainment, staying home helps you save a bunch of cash, without sacrificing your entertainment needs.

Then, of course, there’s the petrol you save by not having to travel anywhere, and you’ll also save on impulse purchases too.

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If we still haven’t convinced you on staying home, these five further benefits might surprise you:

Goodbye, grocery shopping

Those Saturday mornings spent at the mall, standing in queues and navigating noisy stores? They’re a thing of the past, thanks to your new commitment to staying in. Instead, you’re filling up your grocery cart online, with your weekly or monthly essentials delivered to your door.

Online shopping can help you save quite a bit of money too, as you’re less likely to splurge and can take advantage of online specials. Most online grocery stores offer a list function too, so you’re saving time and money by shopping online.

Streaming to your screen

Forget the overpriced popcorn and long queues for the cinema: streaming is now your favourite option for a screen. With a variety of online streaming services now showing your favourite television series, movies, and more, there’s really no reason to leave the house.

All you need is a good internet connection and a screen. Forget even needing a television, as most screening services are available to use on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, computer, or television. And, all things considered, streaming services are substantially cheaper than going out – the cost of one outing to the movies is far more than a monthly subscription for a streaming service.

Streaming music services have also joined this realm, and you can enjoy a month’s subscription, with a seemingly infinite library of music, for less than the cost of a CD. Streaming your entertainment makes excellent financial sense.

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Good old gaming

Everyone seems to have fond memories of their first adventures into gaming, whether it was an old Atari console, or excursions to the local arcade. Nowadays, however, staying home offers you far more variety and excitement when it comes to gaming. And, best of all, it can save you a bunch of money too.

Pick up a second-hand gaming console through your favourite online classifieds site, and you could be settling in for a many a great night in with the family. That doesn’t mean you’ll be sedentary though, as many gaming consoles and associated services have added Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality facilities to their offerings, so you may end up getting your calories burned, even when you’re staying home.

Pick up new hobbies

The great thing about staying home is that it also saves you time. You won’t be spending your leisure time dealing with traffic, and you don’t need to worry about doing your hair before settling in for a big night in. Instead, you can use your staying home superpowers to invest time into picking up new hobbies.

Pop onto a video streaming site and you’ll find tutorial videos on just about anything you can think of. Learn how to mix your own cocktails, experiment with different types of cuisine, or tackle the tango in your lounge.

Big tip: if you’re ordering your groceries online, and creating incredible home-cooked meals as part of your new staying home approach, you’ll be saving so much more money than you may realise. It could help you save a bunch for a big holiday, or create a savings pocket for those home renovations you’ve been daydreaming about.

Know your neighbours

There’s another big reason why staying home is good for you – it gives you more opportunities to spend time with the people who share your suburb. And, it’ll help you learn more about the facilities and establishments that are close to home.

For example, if you do feel like splashing out, you may discover that many of your local eateries will deliver for free, if you order over WhatsApp or the telephone. You’ll be more available to help out with community initiatives, or start your own. Your local park could always benefit from a litter cleanup, and it’s a great way to meet people from your neighbourhood. And they said staying home was anti-social!

Try before you buy into staying home

If you’re not entirely sure you’re ready to commit to the staying home trend, consider a staycation instead. Use your holiday time to truly relax, and avoid the holiday crowds you’ve become accustomed to during the holiday seasons.

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If staying home is your new way of life, you may be thinking about expanding your home or shopping around for a new, comfortable home, Visit our Advice Centre for more tips and tricks on how to make your home more comfortable, or check out our listings to start your next property adventure.

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