Are you thinking of a certain co-worker, a family member or someone you live with?

According to Notre Dame research, it seems that bad moods tend to be contagious. So being in the company of someone who is pessimistic and always in a bad mood could actually have an effect on the way you start to feel. Have you ever experienced this?

In addition, a Harvard study also showed that spending time with ill-tempered people could bring your happy mood down. It seems that our brains canâ??t resist absorbing negative things, especially when others discuss your life, career, etc in a negative or gloomy manner.

So what help is out there or what action can you take?

Next time you find yourself in the company of someone gloomy, try cheering him or her up. You could perhaps buy him a cup of coffee, tell a funny joke or make him look at the brighter side of things.

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The positive affect will filter through and could brighten his mood â?¦ and yours too!

Source: Men’s Health