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Meet Mara. She is a carefree 27-year old with the half-hearted aspiration of being a photographer…

She stumbles upon a guy named Jake on Tinder and an unexpected connection develops. Things are going well until wedding invitations start pouring in. This is Mara’s nightmare, but Jake is thrilled!

They decide which weddings to attend and embark on a year-long adventure together. As wedding season kicks off, Mara finds more inspiration for her photos. Over seven weddings, we watch Mara and Jake’s bond deepen and eventually Jake proposes.

Although Mara says yes, she has reservations, eventually causing her to blow up the relationship. At first, newly single Mara thinks it will be easier to move on, but then she realizes she had it pretty good…

Watch this quirky and fun Rom-Com at cinemas from 1 November

It is the perfect date night film (guys will certainly also have a good chuckle) or take your girlfriends to have a fun night out!

Starring Sarah Hyland (Modern Family), Tyler James Williams (Whiskey Cavalier), Jenna Dewan, Matt Shively and Anna Camp.