One of the worst things about going on a diet is that the food often looks really bland…

If you picture diet food, you think of plain boiled eggs, steamed veggies, grilled chicken breasts and rice cakes, and you get the idea that diet food means tasteless food. This is one of the things that puts people off starting a diet… or continuing one.

If you don’t care what your food tastes like, then this article isn’t for you. If you want to succeed at your diet, but still want to eat tasty food, read on!

Here are some cooking techniques and other ideas to consider if you want to lose weight, but still enjoy your meals.

1.     Braise your meat (and veggies)

To ‘braise’ your meat (or veggies) you first sear your meat in a deep, hot pan (that has a lid) to keep the juices in, then you pour in some broth or water, and cook the meat in a wet heat for as long as it needs. Season with salt and pepper, or your favourite spices. Just don’t smother it in sugar-filled barbeque sauce. Natural SPICES are better than sauces when it comes to diet-friendly meals.

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Braising makes for flavourful meat that’s tender and juicy, and not more fattening than regular grilled meat. You can also use the remaining liquid from the pan to make a nutritious sauce or gravy to top the meal with.

Braised Cape Malay Chicken recipe

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