Last updated on Jan 27th, 2021 at 11:22 pm

Actress Sophie Ndaba-Lichaba has become the victim of a death hoax again

At least two fakes news sites claimed that the former Generations star had “lost her fight with sugar diabetes”.

The news quickly spread on social media. “RIP Sophie Ndaba” was trending on Twitter and Facebook.

“Haaai guys did Sophie Ndaba pass away?” one person asked on Twitter.

Sophie took to Instagram to address the “heart-breaking” rumours.

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“Hi darlings, It’s heartbreaking to read messages that I’m dead. It’s the second time this year this has happened and it’s extremely traumatic to my family friends and especially my kids.

“To address the rumours I’m alive and kicking and God willing I’m not going anywhere anytime soon,” she wrote on Instagram.


Some of Sophie’s famous friends left messages of support.

“Chomi… oksalayo! Thank you for gracing me with your beautiful presence at the launch of my Memoir 2 weeks ago. You looked gorgeous as usual. I love you angel heart and your are so truly loved by so many,” Basetsana Kumalo commented.

Sophie’s husband, Max Lichaba, also took to social media to slam the fake news

“I do not think it’s funny or good to put nonsense like this about some one when she is not died. My wife is with me know and this nonsense messages must Stop .Tell me how will you feel if someone say you are died when you are not????” he wrote on Facebook.

It’s the second time in less than a year that the internet has killed the actress.

Sophie’s fans became concerned about her health in 2018 after pictures surfaced of her dramatic weight loss.

Some social media users believed that she was gravely ill, with some speculating that she had HIV or was anorexic.

The 47-year-old set the record straight, revealing in an emotional post that she has diabetes but was perfectly fine.

A few weeks after being body shamed about her looks a death hoax spread like wildfire in October 2018.

Sophie rubbished the “disheartening” claims.

“What an interesting month it has been! I’m alive, I’m not in ICU and yes can the slow peeps understand Living with Diabetes is NOT a Death sentence. I’m living a fabulous life. Standby soon for my eating living healthy blog. Can’t wait,” she wrote on Instagram.