Naturopath and nutritionist Emma Sutherland explains what you can eat to help your body deal with stress and avoid burnout

Living and working under constant stress can cause what’s known as adrenal burnout.

Sutherland says that there are signs of being overstressed. If you have these symptoms, you know that you pushing yourself too hard and could be in danger of burnout:

  • Sleeping seven to eight hours a night, yet waking up exhausted
  • Feeling stressed and overwhelmed most of the time
  • If you wake up in the early hours of the morning and then struggle to get back to sleep until just before your alarm goes off.

What you can do about the most common cause of stress

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Stress management in the kitchen

If you have signs of burnout, you need to look at your stress levels and how to manage them better. It may mean planning a holiday and taking up healthier habits, like getting out of the office during lunch for a proper break.

Another way to help your body deal with stress is through good nutrition.

Sutherland says that foods which contain magnesium (in green leafy vegetables, legumes, avocado, etc), vitamin C (in fresh fruits and colourful vegetables), and the B vitamins, particularly B5 and B6 (in legumes, nuts, seeds, fish, etc) are great to help support your adrenal health.

Give your body a boost by eating high-fibre, nutrient-dense foods like oats, chia seeds, kiwi fruit, nuts, seeds, lentils, legumes, and some lean protein and organic red meat.

Sutherland recommends avoiding processed sugar, processed carbohydrates, caffeine and alcohol.

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