It shouldn’t be the only thing that your guests notice, so here are some tips to take the focus off the TV in your living room when entertaining…

You may remember your parents or grandparents having a separate smart lounge or sitting room, a family room and a dining room.

Today, few people can afford such large homes. Modern homes are more compact, but create a sense of space with open plan floor plans. As a result, the family living and dining area also has to serve as a lounge for entertaining guests.

Most living room designs ensure a focus on one thing – the TV. That’s great when you want to watch a movie, but not as appealing when you have guests.

Here are some tips to help take the focus off the TV:

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If you don’t want guests to be distracted by the TV, turn it off. This is obvious but often overlooked by those who leave their TV on all day.

Hidden away

Invest in a TV cabinet (or have one made), that allows you to close solid doors and affectively hide the TV screen when it’s not in use.

Here’s an example from @pipkorn_kilpatrick:

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You could also have sliding mirrored panels made so that, when they are closed, you look at a lovely living room mirror rather than a blank TV screen.

Here’s an example from @jbmarchitect:

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