4. Being a little heavy is okay

Research shows that the two things that correlate most favourably with long life are elevated strength levels and higher body mass index – NOT super high BMI, just a BMI above the normal range.

So if you’re worried about what gaining muscle will do to your ‘weight’, don’t worry. Adding some meat to your frame is a good thing in the long run, because you’ll have both of the markers of a long, healthy life. Remember that building up muscle may make the scale go up slightly, BUT muscle is more densely packed than fat. You’ll end up looking fitter, more toned and younger (fill out the biceps with muscle instead of ‘the flap’) if you train for strength.

5. Strength training is a better investment of your time

All the above essentially says that while cardio is certainly better than nothing, strength training is definitely a better use of exercise time than cardio.

And since you only need to invest about an hour, two or three times per week, you will get huge bang for your buck if you train for strength.

This doesn’t mean giving up taking the dog for a walk, or enjoying a hike with friends over the weekend, but rather do these for pleasure, not for exercise.



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