Last updated on Jun 23rd, 2021 at 02:43 pm

Getting a good night’s rest is essential. However not everyone is able to experience the recommended eight hours of peaceful bliss due to sleep disturbances.

Here are some common sleep disturbances that can affect our quality of sleep.

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Is your bed comfortable?

One of the basic requirements to having a restful sleep is a comfortable bed. Are you tossing and turning throughout the night? If you are waking up feeling stiff and perhaps even sore, your pillows and/ or mattress could be at fault.

Go to a bed shop and do a little research on the different types of mattresses and pillows that are available. Some may be firm whilst others may be soft. There will probably be a range in between too. Find the ones that are comfortable for you. Remember that sleeping is a time for relaxation, resting and healing. It should not cause you any discomfort at all.

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