Tweeps were left confused by Bonang Matheba after the Public Figure star posted a picture of herself with an oversized handbag that looked like nothing we had ever seen before

Bonang is having the time of her life in the USA. Between hosting awards shows in Texas, scouting hotels in California and serving goals in transit, Bonang has taken the USA by storm and as the weekend began, the queen touched down in New York City.

Her visit looked to be a mixture of business and pleasure but all the talk on the timeline was about a new handbag she was sporting in a number of her pictures.

Lebonza announced her arrival in the big apple by posting three pictures of herself in a devilishly daring two-piece striped suit that was accompanied by an oddly-shaped handbag. Although the outfit was to die for, it was the peculiar accessory which grabbed all the attention:

The timeline was full of questions, as some wondered if the ‘bag’ was indeed a bag at all

Among the many questions were theories that Bonang could be carrying a cushion, or a bow, or even a bag of onions as an accessory to her dazzling outfit:

The theories have continued to flood in and we even tried our best to ask a few well-placed peers and fellow journalists for their input but it seems as if the ‘bag’ has bemused the entire entertainment industry.

Do you have any idea what Bonang could be carrying around her neck (and more pertinently, what could be inside it?)