Put down the make-up brushes and head to the salon, hair contouring is the new way to make your features pop!

A few years ago, Kim Kardashian single-handedly (okay, she maybe had a bit of help from the hands of her make-up artist!) changed the way the majority of us do our make-up…

No longer was foundation good enough. We needed extra products to sculpt our faces so that we finally had the cheekbones we longed for, or the jawline of our dreams. Yes, contouring became a household beauty term.

Fast-forward a few years, and things have been taken up a notch; yes ladies and gentlemen, hair contouring is officially a thing…

Wait, what? Did you just say hair contouring?

Why yes, yes we did! This is a hair trend you really need to know about and, in our humble opinion, if there’s only one type of contouring you attempt, let this be the one.

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Okay, give us the lowdown… What exactly is hair contouring?

As with contouring in make-up, this is a way of using your hair to sculpt your face and make your features pop. Think about the fact that your hair frames your face – regardless of its length or colour – so the right cut, colours and tones can really change the way you look.

With this in mind, you’ll sit down with your hairdresser who will analyse the shape of your face, the colour of your eyes, hair and skin tone and then use all this to accentuate your features.

How do they do this though?

Using a combination of light and dark tones strategically placed around your face. The affect will create shadows and lighter areas, and when these are placed in the correct areas, they will enhance features like cheekbones, make jawlines look different and brighten up your skin tone.

Basically, it’s a super clever way of using hair colour to bring out the best of your facial features.

Isn’t this just balayage?

Well, it’s not too different as the stylist will use the same technique. But rather than just applying colour to make your hair look gorge, they will put more focus on how the colours frame your face, bringing out the best of what your mama gave ya!

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How do I get contoured hair?

Unless you are a professional, do not try this at home! For the hair contouring to really work and have the desired effect, there needs to be careful consideration about the placement of the highlights, as well as the colours and severity of them.

And since this is generally achieved free-hand, you’ll want someone who really knows what they’re doing in control. 

Anything else we should know?

Well, there’s the fact that one of the greatest benefits of hair contouring – other than the fact that your hair looks fabulous, that is – is that it gets done by a professional in a salon, and then the effects last all day, every day on your face.

That means you may be able to give that contouring palette a rest and save yourself some precious time in the mornings.