Our pets may be beloved members of the family – but their shedding hair sure isn’t! Here’s a tip to protect your clothes from a pet hair coating…

Of course, a lot of the work of keeping a guest- and pet-friendly home can be avoided with smart use of throws or furniture covers. With guests on the way, all you need to do is whip them off and voila…a nice clean couch underneath.

But our beloved buddies do have a way of finding that one cushion you didn’t protect. Beat the hassle, and grab yourself a plain old latex glove – the sort surgeons wear, and which can easily be bought at your local pharmacy.

Pop it on, run a little water over it, and then run the damp glove over the problematic surface. The combination of the damp and the static-attracting surface of the glove will pull all the hair to it as easy-to-remove clumps.

If you need to spruce up Fido’s bed too, simply grab a cheap ‘slicker’ brush. Marketed for dealing with supper-fluffy coats, they also happen to be a great way to remove fine pet hair from bedding and even carpet.

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With your house looking spick and span again, guests can enjoy a Fido-fur-free experience at your home.