“Reality Check” is an article series which looks at common mistakes people make when they begin dieting for weight loss. We’ll check out some ‘thought adjustments’ that will help you make better choices on your journey. The articles include tips, new ideas to try, strategies to follow, and encouragement to keep you moving forward.

“I’m on a diet – again”

“Yeah, I’m taking my eating seriously now – I’m on diet again. This cake is just a cheat meal.”

SO many people are in this zone. They ALWAYS tell you that they are ‘dieting’, while at the same time making the kinds of food choices that aren’t allowed on ANY sensible diet plan.

The people who tell people they are on a diet and then do almost exactly the opposite all of the time are only kidding themselves. They think that simply SAYING something makes it real, without any actual effort!

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And the worst part? If you say something about it, you’ll be labelled a ‘Negative Nancy’ who doesn’t know anything about dieting anyway. You can’t win here.

There are two solutions to this problem – one for the people ‘on diet’ and one for their friends.

If you’re always on diet, but never actually on diet, decide what you really want. If it’s to annoy people and waste your time, then keep going. But if you want to lose some weight, you’re going to have to dig deep and find some real dedication. Next time you go on diet, STICK TO IT. Don’t kid yourself. I believe in you, and you CAN do it if you really want to.

And to the friends of these people, just let them be. You really can’t them. You can’t live their lives for them, or make decisions for them. You can’t be there every time they make a bad food decision, and if you keep ‘telling them what to do’, you’re going to lose a friend.

You just have to let them figure it all out for themselves.


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