“Exercise for Weight Loss” is an article series detailing the most successful exercise strategies that can be used to assist in speeding up the weight loss process, and help you end-up with a sleek, toned physique once your body weight gets down to your goal-weight. 

Don’t do sport-specific workouts

We’ve all seen the articles showing the workout routines of our favourite sports stars. And they all end with the same sort of phrase – something like “You should also do this workout, because it’ll make you look like a beautiful sprinter, too”.

The thing is, it won’t. Here’s why:

The athlete you’re reading the training programme of is a genetically gifted sportsperson. She (or he) was born with the advantages that come from having the natural, genetically based affinity for whatever sport she plays, and that has helped her to look great, too.

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She could do almost any exercise routine and achieve similar results with regards to how her body looks – because she already has the basic body-chemistry and DNA to do so. BUT her current training routine is specifically aimed at helping her achieve the specific goals she’s aiming for in her particular sport. If she’s a sprinter, maybe she’s training for extra power out of the starting blocks. If she’s a swimmer, maybe she’s training for extra stamina. If she’s a long distance runner, she’ll have a very different routine to a sprinter. You get the picture. Athletes have specific training routines for specific goals.

You may not be the same. You’re probably not training to come first in next year’s Comrades. Or for the next Olympic games. You’re probably training for general fitness, strength, and tone. You’re probably wanting to get rid of that little bit of extra fat around your belly.

What you should be doing:

The training YOU need is more than likely NOT the same training a gifted athlete needs. Your training should be more general than specific, and it needs to focus on strength development across the whole body, trained in a systematic manner. You don’t need to balance on a Bosu ball while pressing a kettlebell with one hand while curling a dumbbell with the other so your dive into the pool can improve.

You need to do barbell squats, deadlifts, presses and bench presses. You need to get generally stronger. Why?

You’ll lose weight, gain some muscle, get great tone, feel better and live easier. Good deal, right?


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