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Avoid under- and overestimating calories if you are trying to lose a few kilograms

Many people consume more calories than they are aware of. Sometimes they may not even realise that beverages may hold calories too. Snacks or mini meals during the day all increase the daily calorie count too.

Remember that if you consume a significantly reduced number of calories, you could set yourself up for failure . Not only could it affect your metabolism by slowing it down but it could also leave you feeling super hungry. The food choices that you may then make and portion sizes that you may consume, may not be supportive of your weight-loss efforts, especially if you just want to satisfy your hunger.

It is vital that you pay attention to the portion sizes that you consume. Try to keep track of the number of calories that you are consuming from all sources of food and drinks. This can offer you some guidance on whether you are underestimating or overestimating calories. You can thereafter make changes to your eating and snack plan accordingly.

Similarly, many people overestimate the number calories that they burn through exercising. Remember that engaging in exercise can help to boost one’s metabolic rate to a degree but you could be burning far fewer calories than you are estimating.

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Always seek professional advice if you are concerned about your calorie intake.

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