Choose smaller sized plates when eating, if you want to keep your weight down

Did you ever think that the size of the plates that you choose to eat from, could affect your weight? Well, it could!

Many people tend to help themselves to larger servings of food when they use larger plates. Do you find yourself doing so? The more food you have in front of you, the more likely you are to indulge, unless of course you are very strong-minded when it comes to the portion sizes that you consume daily.

The more food you consume, the more calories you will take in. Doing this regularly can easily make you gain weight especially if you are not increasing your workout level or workout duration.

Prefer larger sized plates?

If you prefer bigger sized plates to smaller ones, consider using them to eat healthy foods only. Foods that are high in calories such as desserts or other less healthy foods could be consumed from a smaller plate. It can make a huge difference to your calorie count and you can easily keep the weight down by doing so. In addition, you will be consuming more valuable nutrient-dense foods and less of the highly processed, sugary and fatty foods, as the latter will be contained in a smaller plate.

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So change your plate preference if you can, and opt to use smaller plates instead of larger ones when dining!

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