A free pornographic website has removed an explicit video purportedly of Fiona Viotti who resigned from Bishops Diocesan College in Cape Town amid allegations of a sexual affair with a matric pupil

The 30-year-old water polo coach’s attorney, William Booth, said he and his client were happy about its removal.

“We are quite happy that the video has been officially removed and that’s positive. However, we are continuing with our investigations to establish who posted it”.

Booth said it was posted on the pornographic site without his client’s consent.

“We want to know how it got there and who posted it. At the moment, we are waiting for the school to finish its investigation. We are asking everybody to respect my client and her family members’ rights.

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“Her uncle’s name was publicised in the media. The man has got nothing to do with the case and what happened to him is unfair. He is a well-known public figure and we will be taking legal action soon,” Booth said.

Earlier on Thursday, he vowed to take steps to have the video removed from the website.

Booth also noted that any private messages, photos or videos sent by one person to another could not be distributed without the sender’s approval.

This follows widely circulated explicit videos and pictures of a woman many claim to be Viotti on social media and WhatsApp. News24 has not been able to independently verify whether the woman in the visual material is indeed her.

Viotti reportedly left Bishops with immediate effect last week after the school reportedly appointed an attorney to investigate what the principal described as “serious misconduct”.

No crime was being investigated as the pupil in question was not underaged.

According to IOL, Viotti was allegedly involved in a sexual relationship with an 18-year-old matric pupil at the Rondebosch school.

Weekend Argus reported that the pupil had tried to break off the relationship. According to a source, Viotti reportedly sent threatening WhatsApp messages to the teenager.

News24 earlier reported that more pupils have been “affected over a number of years” by Viotti’s alleged “serious misconduct”.

“We have confirmed that there have been several boys who have been affected over a number of years,” principal Guy Pearson said in a statement on Tuesday.

Pearson added the school was doing everything it could to ensure the mental well-being of pupils, staff, and others affected by the “very sad events”.

He appealed to respect the dignity and privacy of the people affected while the investigation continued.

Viotti is the daughter of Dave Mallett, who is a history teacher and first team rugby coach at the school, and the granddaughter of Anthony Mallett, the school’s headmaster from 1964 to 1982, the Sunday Times reported.

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Author: News24.com