Your relationship with your partner should be your number one priority – so treat it like that!

A chance to reconnect, rekindle passion and make memories – date night is a must for any couple!

Whether it’s once week, once a month or even once in a while…

… whether you play a board game, whip up something new in the kitchen together or head out to the movies, the important thing is that you make time for one another; and that when you do, you put your phone down, resist the urge to nag and do something you’ll both enjoy!

With that in mind, here are five important date night rules to follow:

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5 Important rules for date night

1. No phones allowed!

Put your phone away and give your partner your undivided attention.

You can Instagram your meal, check in on your e-mail or keep track of the latest sports news in the morning!

2. Date night is not the time to nag…

… or unpack something that’s been bugging you; like your mother-in-law or the garage door that still hasn’t been fixed. Nor is it the time to discuss your finances or your child’s progress at school.

Keep it light and fluffy so that you can enjoy the time that you’ve carved out to spend together…

3. Don’t be shy to pack on the PDA!

Holding hands, embracing and kissing fosters warmth and togetherness – two things a relationship can always use more of!

4. Do something that you’ll both enjoy

You’re more likely to relax and ‘let loose’ if you’re doing something you both enjoy. So if your partner’s favourite thing is to eat, and your favourite thing is to grab a movie, then make your date night a ‘dinner and movie’ kind of date night!

Most importantly…

5. Do not back out!

Once you’ve set a night aside for date night, do not back out. It’s so easy to re-schedule, and before you know it, months have passed and you still haven’t seen that movie, or had that dinner.

Your relationship with your partner should be your number one priority – so treat it like that!