Home décor trends may come and go with the seasons, but it is important to make sure you choose something that isn’t just trendy but also. Here are five gorgeous tile trends we know will stand the test of time.

When it comes to floors and walls, the past few years have taught us that just about anything goes. From epoxy concrete floors to living indoor walls, the trends have been wild and fascinating, but our favourites have always been the trends we know we’ll still love for years to come.

This year tiles have become so much more interesting than the choice between porcelain and ceramic.

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Patterned tiles

Seeing pieces of a picture on your Instagram feed may be annoying, but once you see the whole picture it all makes sense.

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Pattern tiles are the same concept: separately they don’t look great, but pieced together correctly they create a beautiful pattern on your floor or walls. This classic tilling method is well worth the time it takes to sort the tiles and measure them to make sure they not only fit on your floor but come together to create the desired pattern.

Bonus tip:

On smaller areas, you might want to keep the pattern only in the middle of the area you are tilling and fill in the spaces with plain tiles to avoid having incomplete patterns.

Mix and match your tiles

Tiles don’t have to be uniform to work. Decorators use contrasting materials, colours and designs to create avant-garde looks.

Contrasts between cold and clean ceramic and wood tiles have become very popular. While this isn’t an obvious match, it definitely works, especially in open-plan homes. The contrasting tiles separate spaces by purpose in the place of a wall.

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Forget glossy tiles, we love matte

Matte tiles are still uncommon, but they are very fashionable. Gorgeous in dark colours, they work wonders for small spaces as matte tiles make rooms appear bigger.

Matte tiles come in stunning colours and can make an interesting contrast to glossy tiles if you mix and match them.

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