Here are some awesome ways to use magazine file organisers as space-saving storage in various areas or your home…

They are great for keeping those glossies organised, but magazine file organisers could also help you save space in almost every storage area of your home.

In the bedroom and bathroom

1.  Handle haircare products

Whether you keep your hairdryer, flat iron and other hair products in your bathroom cabinet or bedroom wardrobe, they tend to take up quite a bit of cupboard space.

So, pop them into magazine organisers. Not only do they take up less space, but they’re easier to access and those cords are less likely to get tangled.

Here is an example from @lavieenordre on Instagram:

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2.  Socks sorted

When you don’t have a chest of drawers, keeping socks organised in a large shelved wardrobe is a battle.

Instead of losing pairs, as they roll around amongst your T-shirts, use a magazine file organiser or two and store them along the side of a shelf where you can easily find them.

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