Wooden floors are a beautiful addition to any home. They’re also surprisingly easy to keep looking good…

If you’re struggling with smears, streaks and a lacklustre shine on your floor, it’s time to up your cleaning game – and this easy little trick will have you loving the results.

We all know by now that it’s important not to over-wet your wooden floor. Always be sure to wring out your mop well before using it.

If you want to add an extra gleam to the wood, it’s time to add our secret ingredient

Simply brew a strong pot of black tea. Allow the pot to cool, and add it to the mop bucket.

Or use alone, with no added cleaners, to improve the lustre and shine of the wood.

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The tannic acid in the tea will both clean and shine the wood, restoring the soft shine we all love.

Of course, this trick is best for darker wood floors, not those which are very pale, so that there is no risk of discolouration.

A gorgeous, lustrous wooden floor is in your future, all with the simple power of tea.