Among laundry stains, blood is possibly one of the hardest to remove

This is due to the haemoglobin that carries the oxygen in our blood. As it is exposed to air, it both clots and oxidises, leaving a tricky blend when it’s on fabric. Great for keeping us healthy – but not so great for our clothes!

Here are a few time-proven tips and tricks to remove that pesky stain

Firstly, never wash a blood-stained garment on hot until the stain is removed. The second you add it to even a mildly hot wash, you will bake the stain into place.

So make sure you do all your stain busting, then wash the garment on cold and evaluate if you need a second try before you wash the garment as normal.

One of the most effective ways to remove fresh blood stains from clothing is to use a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution.

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Simply apply to the garment, allow to soak in, and rinse out.

This only works on fresh blood, however, and isn’t suitable for every type of fabric.

Good old dish soap will often do a great job, too, as will a soak in an enzymatic washing powder.

For older stains, or delicate fabrics like silk, add a teaspoon of salt to cold water and allow the garment to soak overnight.

Lemon juice can also be used in moderation to lighten an older blood stain, as can simple exposure to bright sunlight, but is not advised for darker fabrics.

With these tricks under your belt, that blood stain will soon be a thing of the past, and your garment fresh and clean once again.