Celebrities are leaders in fashion, beauty and sometimes the most ridiculous trends. Although we love to know how our favourites live but there are somethings we’d prefer they kept to themselves.

From Beyoncé to Zodwa Wabantu, celebrities all over the world sometimes cross the line between innovative and outrageous. While some fads are simply weird, these five are not just strange their bordering on dangerous too.

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Beyoncé’s floor-length braid

If Beyoncé is doing it, we know there’s a whole hive of fans that will follow suit. Although we are Beyoncé fans ourselves, we aren’t fans of the super long braid she wore recently. The single braid that reached past the stars back and down to the floor was not only unnecessary and probably really heavy, but also a huge safety hazard.

As members of the B-Hive, we are completely against anything that could trip our queen and cause an awkward accident! Scroll through the pics below to see just how long the braid was.

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Zodwa Wabantu’s spirited thigh scrub

Many women battle with dark skin between their thighs. After scrubbing and lotioning, dabbing baby powder and wearing cycle shorts under absolutely anything, the friction pigmentation just keeps on coming back.

After fans asked how dancer and entertainer Zodwa Wabantu kept her famous thighs even-toned, she revealed she rubs methylated spirits on her inner thighs daily!

No thanks! We are more likely to try the cosmetic laser therapy she promoted recently…

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Snooki’s kitty litter exfoliator

Jersey Shore’s Snooki is far from typical. Everything she does is extra and her beauty routine is no different. Aside from the crazy amount of fake tan she wears and her dramatic eye make-up, Snooki also uses kitty litter as an exfoliator.

Since Snooki shared her ridiculous beauty secret, dermatologists and everyday people have warned fans against this bizarre use of kitty litter.

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Lady Gaga’s eyelashes

First we wondered if Kelly Khumalo’s eyelids ever tired from wearing those long and thick eyelashes all the time, and then we saw Lady Gaga’s feathered lashes and knew – there is nothing a diva’s eyelids can’t handle.

Jessica Simpson’s cow urine detox

It may not be part of her regular routine but Jessica Simpson definitely shocked the world when she drank a distilled cow urine in India.

The actress, who famously coined the word “fishen” (from the phrase, tuna, chicken of the sea) drank the odd beauty treatment as part of her show ‘the price of beauty’. The detox that is meant to be an anti-ageing and skin detoxing treatment also made her vomit uncontrollably, and we really aren’t surprised.