Last updated on Jan 27th, 2021 at 10:54 am

If there’s one guest we have been waiting to see on BET’s Behind the Story, it’s Enhle Mbali

Unfortunately, her interview on Wednesday evening did not live up to many people’s expectations.

Much to her dismay, Enhle Mbali’s private life has been a major talking topic over the past 12 months.

Tabloids and social media users have been endlessly speculating about the future of her marriage with her DJ husband Black Coffee. We have seen everything from rumours of infidelity, to gossip about them divorcing and even some twisted conspiracies about Black Coffee living with another woman in America.

So when we found out that she would be sitting down with Pearl Thusi as the most recent interview guest on Behind The Story we thought, “this is it” – the moment when Enhle will finally set the record straight and put an end to all the chatter.

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On Wednesday evening, Mbali took her seat alongside her host and prepared herself for an hour-long dialogue in which we saw her discuss every element of her career. She took us through the highs of her life, but when it came time to touch on the lows, Enhle kept her cards close to her chest.

There was no admission of a rumoured falling out with her husband; nor was there even a hint that things were rocky between the two

Instead, the actress and mother of two steered the conversation in a completely different direction and once the episode finished airing on BET, many disgruntled viewers took to the timeline to vent their frustration.

While many understand that Enhle is entitled to her privacy, a number of users questioned why she accepted the interview in the first place:

Others acknowledged how Enhle did not seem at ease throughout the entire interview, with some claiming that she was defensive about her situation because she was still feeling emotionally vulnerable:

In the end, even if many understood her reserve, most viewers were left disappointed at the lack of substance in Wednesday night’s interview:

Do you think that Enhle Mbali should have handled her Behind the Story interview differently?