With the increase in dogs being abandoned or surrendered to shelters because families can no longer afford to keep them or because they are leaving the country, it has never been more important to adopt a dog from a shelter and help save more lives.

Dogtown SA founder, Tracy McQuarrie says that for every dog that is adopted from a shelter, room is made for one more abandoned, neglected or abused dog.

You not only save the life of the dog you are adopting, but the life of the dog who will take that space

In a recent article on eNCA, Rescue Rehab was quoted as saying that only one out of every ten dogs finds a home. With so many dogs finding their way to rescue centres there is no need for potential dog owners to support disreputable breeders.

Here are 10 benefits of adopting a rescue dog this month:

1. Adopting means not supporting disreputable breeders.

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Buying a dog from a pet shop or disreputable breeder could mean that you are supporting a puppy farm. By adopting a rescue you can help to decrease the demand.

2. You can find almost any breed at a shelter. If you have your heart set on a specific breed, contact a breed specific rescue, there are many of them in South Africa. Do a little research or ask your local shelter for assistance.

3. A rescue dog from a shelter will be up to date on all their vaccinations. Shelters like Dogtown ensures that all dogs are chipped and that their vaccinations are up to date before rehoming a dog.

4. Shelter dogs, like those at Dogtown, are also spayed or neutered. Some shelters ask for a donation for this or the cost is included in the adoption fee.

You not only save the life of the dog you are adopting, but the life of the dog who will take that space

5. By adopting you keep the unwanted pet population down.

6. Adopted dogs are already house trained especially when adopting from Dogtown. Because of the ongoing training that the Dogtown dogs get, you have a well trained dog joining your family.

7. By adopting an older dog you skip the puppy stage. Adopting an older dog means that the transition to being a pet owner or welcoming a new dog into the home is much easier. Training a new puppy and giving it all the attention it requires can be burdensome for a very busy household.

8. Adopting a dog can also help to limit the spread of disease as you are keeping that dog off the streets and up to date with vaccinations and so help lessen the spread of disease.

9. With older dogs you have insight into their personality and the shelter will help you to match with a perfect fur friend.

10. Adopting a dog means that you are helping to save more lives and give back to the community.

About Dogtown SA

Dogtown SA is a sanctuary for dogs, situation in the mountains near the Hennops River. The dedicated team of behaviourists and caregivers provide care for dogs who have lost their families or been rescued from dire situations.

The dogs are given individual care and attention whilst they wait for their forever homes. There are many wonderful dogs at Dogtown who through no fault of their own have found themselves homeless and often in need of care and rehabilitation.

Website: www.dogtownsa.org

Email: [email protected]

Adoption: [email protected]

Volunteer: [email protected]

Telephone: 076 044 1979

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dogtownsa/