They say it takes a village to raise a child: Why not start with a village of moms?

Being a mom is hard.

With the variety of products and evolving trends available to moms, it can be a daunting experience for them to determine “what works best and what is best for my child”.

Often, the most trusted advice will come from sources who have already tried and tested methods before us. Value retailer Ackermans launched a community platform called ‘Moms4Moms‘ – a section of the Ackermans website which aims to provide support and guidance to their primary customer base; mothers. Since its launch the website has seen a flurry of advice submitted from mothers across the country.

“We know that being a caregiver is hard, and it has therefore been heart-warming to see mothers from all walks of life lending a helping hand to each other. The platform was created because we understand that no one knows a mother better than another mother, and it is why we want to share their advice with other moms too,” says Tanya Ruiters, Marketing Specialist at Ackermans.

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The tips and advice received cover an array of categories from injuries and baby development, to baby wear and care.

Below Ruiters shares her four top picks from the mom-sourced selection of tips:

1. Hat-trick

“Always try to keep a hat on your newborn, as babies lose heat through their head as they learn to regulate body temperatures.”

2. Trust your inner voice

“Being a mother comes naturally. The best way to take care of your child is by listening to your inner voice and do not overthink your judgements.”

3. Breast milk to the rescue

‘When your child has an allergic reaction or nappy rash, apply some breast milk to stop it from becoming worse or spreading.”

4. Building baby muscle tone

“During tummy time, introduce visual toys and flash cards for baby to look up at. This will strengthen their core and build their muscle tone.”

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