Sho Madjozi set the record straight on Twitter, after a post by Billboard suggested that John Cena the wrestler helped catapult the Tsonga rapper to worldwide fame

It’s definitely Sho Madjozi season; the songbird is featured in big publications left, right and centre and she’s just performed at yet another Afropunk festival – this time in Atlanta.

She’s worked hard to achieve her current level of fame and there’s no doubt that her grounded brand – which is rooted in African culture, blackness and femininity – has helped her become a truly global superstar. So you can imagine her surprise when Billboard’s social media manager tried to attribute her viral fame to an American white male (the polar opposite of the brand described above).

It may have simply been a social media faux pas, but when Billboard claimed that WWE wrestler John Cena was the reason why Sho Madjozi was as famous as she currently is, the 27-year-old from Limpopo decided to set the record straight.

The social media post was meant to be promoting Sho Madjozi’s latest feature in Billboard online but the wording didn’t do our national treasure justice:

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Sho Madjozi politely corrected the author of the tweet when she said, “This IS a very weird way to put it. The writer probably said thanks to John Cena (my song) but the social media person tagged John Cena (the person)” and her fans came out in their numbers to fetch Billboard for downplaying Maya’s rise to fame.

For what it’s worth, the author of the article clarified that although she didn’t write the headline, she was indeed referring to the song.

Sho Madjozi issued a gentle reminder to the world that her fanbase is not to be messed with.

Do you think her fans are as much of a handfull as Beyoncé’s Beyhive?