Even though Charlize Theron is now considered a Hollywood A-lister, she hasn’t forgotten her roots and what it was like growing up under the apartheid regime

While most people would shy away from topics such as ‘white privilege’ Charlize tackled the issue head-on.

She was quoted by Variety as being candid about how she benefited from white privilege during the years of apartheid.

“I obviously am a white person who benefited from my white privilege. I grew up during the apartheid era, I benefited from it,” she was quoted as saying.

The publication stated that Charlize shared her views on the topic with Nigerian-born American actor and producer David Oyelowo. They were at a fundraising initiative in aid of educational and health projects for Nigerian children.

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“I grew up during the apartheid era, I benefited from it. These children [today] were all born post-apartheid era. I feel like it’s my duty to not let them forget and to also let them know that there is [unity], that I am with them, that we are all standing together,” she said.

Charlize who is also a philanthropist and supports several projects on the African continent said that it’s always heartwarming when children greet her, saying “Hey sissy!”

“A lot of those kids do not know who I am. Strangely, they always know that I am South African. And that’s heaven. It’s amazing to be around your sisters and to have that be the thing they know about you. It’s always moved me so much when they run up to me and say, ‘Hey, sissy!’.”

During the widespread protests against gender-based violence in SA, Charlize also spoke out against the spate of killings and rape of women.

“When I made this [anti-rape] ad in 1999 I hoped that things would change. They have not. Rape and femicide are still a huge epidemic in SA and clearly the system has failed women. Our leaders can’t continue to turn a blind eye, as they did with this ad,” she said in response to a tweep who shared the advert on Twitter.