While all the bathroom cleaning products we use to keep things sanitary are critically important to our health, they don’t smell the best!

If you’re keen to axe the clinical smell of your bathroom, this out-there trick may be the one for you.

Airborne air fresheners fast fade from the air. So instead we’re going to harness the power of your flush.

  • Purchase a cheap tube of menthol toothpaste – the menthol oils are very important, so make sure you get the right one.
  • Then simply snip a few incisions into the closed tube and drop it in the toilet cistern.
  • Every time you flush, a tinge of menthol will swirl through the bowl, deodorizing and keeping the air fresh.

While it seems a little out-there, this tip really does work. You’ll need to replace the tube roughly every three months. Until then, enjoy your fresh-smelling bathroom!

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