Are you currently going through some menopausal changes?

Many women experience changes to their skin and hair, amongst others, during this time.

Here are some common changes that women may go through.

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Migraines or headaches

Migraines or headaches can be very common during menopause. For some women, it can be very severe and cause great discomfort. Always see your doctor if you cannot seem to find any relief for it or cannot cope.

Consider jotting down some notes whenever you get migraines or headaches. Include items such as when do they appear and what seems to be triggering it. This may help give you a better idea on how to help prevent it.

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For example, you may find that a lack of sleep is causing you to experience severe headaches. In this case, you can work out a plan of action to reduce the trigger, such as taking a nap during the day or cutting out other activities that eat up on your sleep time, etc.

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