Ellie Goulding suffers from ‘imposter syndrome’

The 32-year-old singer has revealed that she struggles with anxiety as well as a condition known as imposter syndrome, which occurs when a person doesn’t believe that they deserve the success and happiness that they have, and can result in them sabotaging their own achievements.

Ellie made the confession in a Twitter post on Monday, 14 October, which was made as a late acknowledgement of World Mental Health Day last week.

She wrote in a lengthy note: “Sorry this is a little late, but I really wanted to say something about Mental Health Awareness, for what it’s worth.

“We all have a right to feel what we do, whatever it is, whoever we are – exhilaration, madness, absolutely nothing at all, confusion, chronic (I can sometimes feel all these things in the space of a few days). I am beyond relieved that more light is being shone on the complexity of going from being a touring artist/performer to going straight back to normality on a regular basis. So thank you so much to those artists who have spoken so candidly about it lately.

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“I know I chose this job but nothing could have prepared me for the ups and downs that come with it. I know for sure that a lot of my anxiety has come from what they call ‘imposter syndrome’ not believing in myself enough and thinking that I don’t deserve happiness which sometimes results in sabotaging your own success. (sic)”

The Burn hitmaker went on to say that she keeps mental health in check by exercising regularly, as feeling “blood pumping through [her] veins” reminds her “how cool it is to be alive”

Ellie also revealed through her post that her grandfather had taken his own life due to mental health struggles, and said that she was “thinking about” him as she marked the special mental health day.

She added: “Today I’m thinking about my grandfather, who took his own life a few years back. I wish I had spoken to him more, and wish we could have even had the smallest clue of how unhappy he was.

“I admire those who get out of bed every morning and seize the day, even when they’re not feeling too great. That requires a lot of courage. People know that you are doing amazingly and I’m proud of you. (sic)”

Author: BANG Showbiz