Exercising is a habit that we HAVE to adopt if we wish to live long, healthy, and active lives…

Besides the obvious weight-loss benefits, you need to exercise to be strong, to keep yourself from being tired all the time, and to look younger than you really are amongst MANY other things.

The problem with exercise is that we seem to do it in spurts, mostly when we want to lose weight. But the key is to do it as a lifestyle thing, the same way that you brush your teeth – you don’t think about it, it just happens.

Here are some tips to get you exercising, and how to keep it up!  

1.     Find something you like

Obvious statement alert: You’re MUCH more likely to keep at the exercise programme if you’re doing an exercise type that you enjoy.

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So if you’re into running, then make running part of your programme. If you’re into lifting weights, do that. And if you love soccer, join a club. This affinity for the particular sport will keep you interested, and therefore keep you pitching up.

If you don’t know what kind of exercise you like, set yourself a goal to try out some different things. How about joining a climbing gym? Or learning a martial art? How about training for a specific goal – a road bike race, or a mountain bike event.

Group activities are great because they are extra-motivating. The friendships built can last a lifetime!

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