She may just be seven months old, but Scarlett Godsall has a full head of luscious locks! And she causes a sensation wherever she goes…

Born to 36-year-old Kimberley Godsall in Kent in the UK, the little one looks like she has been to the salon for some extensions and highlights. Her mum says that she is even stopped by strangers who ask if Scarlett has had foil treatments at the hairdresser.

Kimberley conceived Scarlett through IVF treatment via a sperm donor. She says that she chose a donor who had the same hair colour as her, but didn’t know much else about him.

Kimberley has even had to give Scarlett a few trims already. But she says that she waits for the little one to be asleep before she picks up the scissors as Scarlett tends to be very wriggly!

Watch the video above to meet precious Scarlett

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