After being dragged by US-Twitter for the last few hours, Anele Mdoda has hit back at the insults she’s received from American trolls who took exception to her comments about Kelly Rowland

Anele has been trending on social media for the past 24 hours but this time it’s not because of her high profile magazine covers, nor is it because she’s landed another big hosting gig. Instead, the 947 breakfast host found herself at the heart of an international media storm after American Twitter users took turns to drag her after taking exception to her comments about Kelly Rowland.

However, if we thought that the insults (both those from abroad and those from South African tweeps) would break Anele down, then we were in for a rude awakening. Not only did Anele appear to be completely unfazed by the trolling on social media; she even took part in some of the jokes which were directed at her weight, her looks and her infamous tooth gap.

Anele Mdoda gets dragged for dissing US singer Kelly Rowland

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While Americans were joking about the size of the gap between her two front teeth, Anele used the opportunity to promote her True Love magazine cover:

And for those who were trying to joke about her weight by comparing her to Lion King character, Pumba, Anele diffused the situation completely by slamming their lack of originality:

Some people might fear trending on Twitter for more than 24 hours straight, especially for the wrong reasons, but Anele took a moment to remind Americans that a fair number of them were ready to move to Mzansi after Donald Trump assumed the presidency in 2016:

It seems as if Anele is completely unbothered by the amount of shade that is being thrown in her direction both from American and South African Twitter trolls

Her attitude was summed up in a tweet where she reminded fans that it takes a lot to get under her skin:

Do you think Anele is dealing with this Twitter storm in the right way?


Other times Anele caused a stir: