After she was lambasted on social media, LootLove apologised for making an offensive comment which insinuated that some people aren’t “worthy” of carrying babies

It all started after LootLove bemoaned how pretentious some people could be.

“Lol, people I ain’t ever even invited to my house to chill talking about, ‘OMG. I have to come over and meet the girls’. Are you high hey? Also, don’t be boring. You can say, ‘hi’ and keep it moving. My kids are not an event ya’ll can gatecrash,” she said in the tweet that has since been deleted.

Several tweeps weighed in on LootLove’s comment, but one didn’t sit well with her.

The person said that LootLove was behaving like she’s “the first person to have twins”.

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Of course, LootLove didn’t take the dig lightly and hit back.

“May not be the first or last but defs one of the happiest. It’s the greatest gift to be honest. you’d get it if but then again you weren’t worthy of carrying so I get why you mad,” LootLove said in a tweet that has since been deleted.

The TV personality was called out for the statement, which resulted in her issuing an apology

LootLove admitted that the statement was reckless and that she was sorry.

“So, I completely understand what you guys are saying and where you’re coming from. I see the issue with the word “worthy”. I do apologise for that. I wasn’t trying to be nice in my response so I hit below the belt but I fully understand how wreckless it was.”